Where is the venue?

This is a common question, even after entering the room. The front door/load in door is 41 SE Taylor, but the venue won’t be there until shortly before load in. This is where Bunk is an atypical room. During the day it’s a sandwich shop and bar. On show nights (about 150 per year) we take out most of the tables and chairs, set up a stage and FOH and convert the space into a venue. It can seem weird at first glance but the list of bands that have worked with this weirdness is quite extensive. (to name a few: Built to Spill, Kurt Vile, Sebadoh, !!!, godheadSilo, Dungen, Drive Like Jehu.)   

Production Schedule

Because of the necessity to switch the room around for every show, we don’t have as much time for sound check as a lot of other venues. Below is our typical production schedule. Unless you’ve made other arrangements via email, load in is as follows:

7:30 – headliner load in
7:45-8:30 sound check
8:00 – main support load in*
8:15 – opener load in
8:30 – opener on stage, line check

Load in at the corner of SE Water and Taylor. You can double park during load in. After that, street parking is the only option. Don’t worry about the 2 hour parking signs; they won’t start checking those until morning.

*Main support will be line checked before their set, as our schedule does not allow for two full sound checks.  

Run of Show

9pm – Doors
9:30-10 - Opener
10:20-10:50 - Main Support
11:10- End - Headliner
Midnight Curfew


Each band member will receive 3 drink tickets redeemable for well drinks or cans of Olympia beer.
Bands with an inordinate amount of members may be reduced to 2 drink tickets per person.
Any other hospitality offers will need to be arranged through the Production Manager prior to the show.

Dressing Rooms/Green Room

We don’t have one. There are clean single occupancy bathrooms upstairs that can be accessed via elevator or stairs. If you have any valuables which you would like to keep secure for the duration of the show, we can lock them in our office. However, it is not in a quickly accessible location and it will require a staff member with a key to be available to assist you.

Guest List

Unless other arrangements have been made, we allow 1 guest list spot per band member
You can email your guest list to me I advance if you know it.


Artist sells, takes 100%
The tables along the south wall of the room will be reserved for selling merch.


Network: Bunk
Password: porkbelly

Tech Specs

24 channel Allen&Heath Qu24 console
3 monitor wedges, seperate mix for each
1500 watts in mains
750 watts each monitor channel
1500 watts sub
12'x12' stage

microphones available:
5x sm58
3x sm57
3 clip mics for tom/snare
shure beta 52a kick drum mic
4 DI boxes


Our lighting consists of LED Venu Pars which we set up on stage and do our best not to blind you with. There are also white christmas lights overhead which are on a dimmer switch.


All Shows are 21+

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