Mississippi Studios Presents the inventive NYC new-wave/punk act with new LP, 'Twisted Crystal'

GT Tour Photo 3 copy.jpg

$12 advance / $14 day of show
9pm doors
9:30 show


Ecstatic, vital, and brilliantly unhinged, Guerilla Toss promotes positive energy and twisted spirituality through the less-traveled path of brutal, intelligent, live rock and roll dance music. Like a hurricane of healing bliss, a Guerilla Toss concert is more of a ritual than a performance. It is the unique pairing of musical voices and backgrounds that makes Guerilla Toss such a special party band. But they are more than that – GT gets real when you pay close attention. Their music is inspired by both tragedy and beauty, drug addiction/mental illness and the re-birth of the soul through spiritual practice and psychedelic drug healing – helping the listener overcome these mind-fuck hardships.


Sea Moss is Noa Ver (Mulva Myasis) and Zach D'Agostino (Don Gero).  A sonic assault of homemade electronics, blasting drum beats, screeching vocals, and modular synth. Sea Moss experiments in composed improvisations, lopsided rhythms, and single serving songs. DIY-electro-noise-punk.


ZEBU! is the dynamic duo of Ted Lee and Steve D'Agostino. Formed in 2003 at Hampshire College in the throws of hippiedom, ZEBU! continues to be the greatest Rock band that has ever lived