Mississippi Studios Presents Timothy Prudhomme's acclaimed, esoteric rock act with 25-year history


$15 advance / $18 day of show
9pm doors
9:30 show


Presenting fuck’s first new record in over ten years, the band, on Vampire Blues! In the mid-’90s to the early aughts, fuck was releasing a new record every other year and touring constantly while jumping from label to label. Then, with nary a warning, they up and disappeared. No note, no nothing.

Skip forward a generation and it’s revealed that they’ve been spending all these years meticulously sculpting the most impressive album of their career. Recorded in fits and starts and all over the map, from basic tracks in San Francisco to overdubs in Italy and mixing in Memphis, the band comes through with a surprisingly cohesive sound; though, like their six previous studio albums, the genre-bending and boundary-pushing song-writing continues.

Any lesser band would have destroyed all sense of spontaneity going this route; not fuck. The casual off-the-cuff attitude remains, but now with added depth and clarity. The highs got higher, the hard hits harder. And it only took ten years!


w/ structural help from online Rock resource
How to Write a Website Bio That Rocks
B̶y̶ ̶C̶h̶r̶i̶s̶ ̶B̶o̶l̶t̶o̶n̶ By BLESST CHEST
The Facts
Figure out what needs to be said and say it. Using bullet points or subject headers will make it easier for someone to scan the page and grab what they need. The only rule here: be brief and get to the point.

The Facts You Need:
• Mission statement (One or two sentences saying who you are and why you are doing what you are doing.) — we are BLESST CHEST, we are putting out a record that we think shreds on XRAY RECS out of Portland Oregon.

• The people (This might just be you. A music project would probably list all the band members.) Jake Morris (Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks), Darrell Bourque (The Joggers) and Jay Winebrenner (31Knots).

• Major accomplishments (List a few shining moments. Could be a performance, an award, or achievement.) Not needing a singer. Writing a song that rips off the Taxi Theme. Not breaking up. Headlining the Doug Fir (2 days before christmas) . Toured before smart phones.

• A quote or two from a notable media source.

- “Have you ever been so enamored by a band that you swoon over basically anything they come out with? It happens very few and far between around here, but we may have stumbled upon another winner. With their 70s style rock, the crazy guitar licks littered throughout their music… BLESST CHEST is the newest captivator of our attention.” Impose Magazine

“The album sounds like a Beefier version of their already Beefed Up live show. For a couple shekels, you can buy this LP and pretty much be there at the gig with us (even though you probably weren’t). And where the boys will go next, if they deign to ply these jams in your town soon, well now you know a bit of what’s in store for ya!” - Stephen Malkmus

• Your contact info (Linking to a form or contact page is fine.) haullinoates@gmail.com or jaywinebrenner@gmail.com or oprahwinfrey@earthlink.net

• Timeline ([blank] was formed in 1999, etc.) [Blesst Chest] was formed in 2013-ish.

Your Story
At the heart of any great bio is a story. A good story is something that both your fans and reviewers will be compelled to pass along. It’s not only valuable for your bio, it’s something that should always be on the tip of your tongue when someone asks you about what you do.
Darrell, the bass player hadn’t been in a band after his old band broke up and from what i gather, he was bitching about this to Jake, the drummer, and Jake said “lets start a band” and then they asked Jay, the guitar player to join, but initially he was only going to play a MIDI-Guitar to make his guitar sound like a harpsichord, pipe organ or tenor saxophone but he didn’t have a lap top or the MIDI-Guitar or the money to buy them so that idea was abandoned and BLESST CHEST was born. Hint: Your story already exists. You just need to find it.

A few things to remember:
• Don’t be too referential. Avoid name dropping too much, and only mention influences that are highly notable. Jake the drummer opened for Rusted Root when he was in high school. Jay’s mom got Shel Silverstein’s autograph and said his teeth were really fucked up. Darrell was almost in The Lemonheads but lost Evan Dando’s number.

• Have at least a few people proofread your bio. Fix those spelling or grammar mistakes. Make sure it reads well out-loud. Jay’s girlfriend did this. if there are mistakes it is her fault.