$8 advance / $10 day of show
9pm doors
9:30 show


Deathlist is the solo recording project of Summer Cannibals bassist Jenny Logan. [Her] self-titled debut [is] six tracks of frenzied punk rock that riff wildly until they're caught in a buzzy entanglement of guitar-driven chaos. Standout track "Every Wish" plays like a slow-dance duet sung by these hyperactive electric guitar parts and Logan, who asks in a subdued tone, "How do you know it ends tonight?" 

-Portland Mercury

Deathlist's 'With You Now' will tear your heart open 
-The Fader


Plastic Cactus is just about as far removed from the desert as its name suggests. Brooke Metropulos (guitar/vocals), Michaela Gradstein (guitar/vocals), Bill Willson (bass), and Tyler Brown (drums) formed in Portland in 2016 and released their debut EP, Pricks, last April. Despite the group’s Pacific Northwest roots, its music is a collision of surf rock, spaghetti western soundtracks, outlaw country, and the dusty, rockabilly punk of the Gun Club. That’s well-trodden territory by now, but the wry lyrics, too-cool vocals, and tight melodies of Pricks make Plastic Cactus stand out in a sea of lesser bands.

Opening track “Pink Void” sounds dazed, sun-drunk, and hallucinatory, while funereal “Dark and Moody” and “Ghost” feature twangy guitar riffs, skittering percussion, rumbling bass lines, and the Vivian Girls-esque harmonies of Metropulos and Gradstein. The EP’s standout, “Mum’s the Word”—which was included on this year’s PDX Pop Now! compilation—kind of sounds like the Bonanza theme song at first, but its galloping guitar riff melts into psychedelic slime as they sing, “Couldn’t speak, be heard/Keep quiet, ’cause mum’s the word/Don’t say I play well for a girl.”

Pricks is a promising start for Plastic Cactus; it’s catchy, haunting, surreal, and fun. I bet they’d fit right in on bills with bigger surf bands like La Luz and Guantanamo Baywatch. Plastic Cactus is currently working on a full-length debut that’s set to come out in 2018—if they stay prickly, it could be one of the best local releases of next year.


Formed in a basement during the ashy haze of summer wild fires Mini Blinds creates dreamy pop songs akin to a 8mm Kodachrome home movie . Using vintage guitars and amplifiers Beth Ann Dear and Devin Welch create timeless pop tunes influenced by every decade and genre. With a sweet nonchalant tone Dear sings of heart break, the monotony of daily routine, nostalgic memories and dreams that never existed.