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$15 advance / $15 day of show
9pm doors
9:30 show


Slug Christ -- aka Slugga, aka Slug Messiah, real name Chaz Bell -- stood out as the strangest member of Atlanta, Georgia's left-field hip-hop, R&B, and trap-inspired Awful Records crew. Awful Records began rising to prominence around the 2010s, receiving attention for their fiercely independent approach to music, an ethos Slug Christ would come to embody. Slug Christ had an eclectic background in music and art prior to joining the Awful crew; his initial forays into the Atlanta scene were in metal bands, where he performed as a vocalist. He was also a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he studied painting. Upon leaving college he began creating experimental electronic music, often utilizing odd time signatures, 8-bit hardware, and drone techniques. Although his electronic music had its fans, he gradually gravitated toward hip-hop, while retaining the unusual production techniques he had picked up along the way.

During that metamorphosis he encountered Awful Records artist KeithCharles Spacebar, who invited him along to an Awful Records club night in 2010 that happened to be the album launch for key member Ethereal; from there he met the rest of the crew and formed a creative bond that would nurture his off-center approach to hip-hop. After joining Awful Records, Slug Christ maintained a prolific creative identity, regularly collaborating with the other members and releasing numerous mixtapes, all of which defined him as a tripped-out darkwave/rap innovator. In 2015 he released his debut album, Crucifixion of Rapper Extraordinaire, which was seen as a culmination of his previous work, covering themes such as suicide, hard drug abuse, and pseudo-religious contemplation; he described the record as "an ode to a forgotten self-sacrifice." The debut was quickly followed by another eight-song LP, God Is Under the Porch Where the Dog Died, in late 2015, and another, titled Sometimes Even the Moonlight Hurt My Eyes, in early 2016.

In 2017 he collaborated with underground super producer Nedarb Nagrom for their ep entitled Its Colder at the Bottom of the Shower and is currently recording his next full length release due in early 2018.


Taking the “quality over quantity” argument and flipping it on its head, CHXPO’s unrivalled work ethic and stream-of-consciousness recording style has seen him blow up in a major way, rising from a locally known trapper and MC, to one of the underground’s most talked about characters.

Amidst the hundreds of tracks in CHXPO’s back catalogue, there are common themes – collaborations with producers like Brandon FinessinDJ SmokeyGamerBoominF1lthyOogie Mane, and ELF are a staple in his projects. Guest features are reasonably rare, however SGOD Records’ AGoff makes regular appearances, as well as members of Goth Boi CliqueGoth Money, and Awful Records.

While there may be some predictable elements of his music, you never truly know what to expect when pressing play on a CHXPO song. It could be a hair raising, offbeat ode to robbing and finessing recorded on a laptop microphone, an autotuned love song, or an anime influenced banger about life as a pirate.